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  • Does my new pillow include the insert?
    I sell pillow covers only. However, I am happy to recommend my favorite stores and brands that sell quality feather/down inserts. Just email for the scoop.
  • What size pillow insert do you recommend?
    For a professional fit, each pillow cover is sewn slightly smaller than its listed dimension to accommodate a same size insert. Therefore, if you're purchasing a pillow from Stitch and Strand in size 20x20, then I recommend a 20x20 pillow insert. Since the age and condition of every pillow design varies, please take extra care when inserting your pillow into the cover. Be gentle, folks!
  • How do I care for my vintage textile pillow cover?
    With love! No roughhousing, or you could tear it. Due to the handmade, one-of-a-kind nature of these fabrics, a gentle spot clean with water and mild detergent is recommended.
  • Where do you find these textiles?
    All textiles are thoughtfully selected from hundreds of artisan-crafted fabrics both locally and worldwide.
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